Less mobile optimization, more apps

28. Januar 2016 Schlagwörter:

bellboxx – the mobile specialists from Munich believe that apps allow for a more detailed demonstration of your product portfolio and give your company a deeper understanding of your customer base. Especially regarding user experience, apps deliver a far better interaction and customer journey than responsive  websites.”

See what Miles Jennings from Recuiter.com has to say about it:  

Companies are now seeing the true value in offering a dedicated app, as compared to their websites simply being optimized for mobile devices. Apps are not only visually pleasing, but also prove to be much more functional and accessible for users. In 2016, it will become a “must” for companies to have an app available so that their consumers can access their products or services instantly. There also has been a substantial growth in app indexing, which is basically SEO for your app on Google and in the app store for smart devices. This will also push brands to make a dedicated app, as they will be able to be found very easily by their target market.


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